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Quote (Daniel Smith @ Oct. 02 2007,04:09)
Quote (oldmanintheskydidntdoit @ Oct. 02 2007,02:41)
As almost everything that has ever lived is extinct what does that say about the ability of this "designer" to plan?

Why bother to front-load if the organism is going extinct anyway?

Every living thing dies.  Everything.

It would sure seem that natural selection would have overcome that little hiccup by now doesn't it?

It's amazing how easily MET can be disproven, simply by posing a rhetorical question.  Clearly, now that scientists are finally faced with this one killer question--one that they've never thought of before and cannot answer--they can all just throw up their hands and admit goddidit.  I'm sure they were getting tired of faking all the evidence, suppressing all the ID research, etc. anyway.  Now they can just go to church for their answers, since DanTard has slain the Darwinist beast with this historic zinger.

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