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cdesign proponentsist

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Quote (supersport @ Sep. 18 2007,09:44)
Quote (IanBrown_101 @ Sep. 18 2007,09:43)
Quote (supersport @ Sep. 18 2007,15:35)
Quote (IanBrown_101 @ Sep. 18 2007,09:33)
Out of curiosity, and not particularly relevant to the thread as a whole.

1. How did you find here super?

2. Do you hate atheists, or do you just think they are wrong? There's a big difference, someone like Wes thinks atheists are, if only with their lack of belief, wrong, but don't hate us.
On the other hand, someone who considers atheists evil, or wicked AS A WHOLE, hates atheists.

I was browsing over at Brainstorms and saw a mention of this place.  I had never heard of it.  I'm glad I found it guys are a riot.

No, I don't hate atheists....I used to be an unbeliever at one time myself.

Really? Is this not you then?

"What happened to the happy-go-lucky, peace-loving athiest? The reality is atheists are dreadfully miserable, foul-mouthed individuals....Truly the pond scum of society

that doesn't mean I hate them.  I hate science, not people.  That is just an observation.

SuperSport, I'm interested in how much of science you're willing to throw out. I'll admit that I don't understand your position on evolution because I don't see your hypothesis as testable (as in, we can't rule out that something supernatural whether it's god or something you've defined as "mind" has interfered with our results), but I do understand that often evolutionary denial is sort of a gateway to further science denial, and I'm trying to understand why.

I've composed a list of scientific theories (and one branch of mathematics) with the ones I think you're least willing to accept on top. I've even helpfully filled in two that seemed highly correlated with evolution denial. As a self-proclaimed hater of science, you seem like the perfect person to ask this question. How extreme of a denialist are you? Do even you have limits?

Theory (Accept Unsure Deny)
Evolution (Deny)
Theory of Relativity (Deny)
Global Warming (Deny?)
HIV/AIDS (Deny?)
Germ Theory of Disease
Quantum Mechanics
Electromagnetic Theory
Atomic Theory
Plate Tectonics
Big Bang

"Believe it or not, it really helps that the other side thinks we’re such morons." -Dembski

The ID epiphany: Nothing in ID makes sense until you accept they're trying to look stupid.

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