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Quote (Lou FCD @ Dec. 14 2007,14:12)
Quote (VMartin @ Dec. 14 2007,14:56)
Why don't you splash this thread away? You are the master. Go ahead darling.

The theory, V.  Get to the theory.

6 pages and he is still unable to answer those two questions.  I think they are probably too sciency even for him.

Maybe you could give Martin something easier to answer, like count your nose or maybe what primary colors make the color green?  Or how many IDiots does it take to come up with a testable theory.

I'm just trying to be helpful and again, 6 pages and he's still incapable of answering two simple questions suggests the questions are over his head.  No sense in calling a dope a dope over and over.  

So in all fairness, give him some questions his intellect can withstand.  Start with "count your nose" and see if he can get that one right.  And don't ANYONE help him.  That defeats the purpose.

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