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Quote (J-Dog @ Sep. 01 2007,12:47)
Albatrossity posted an idea on PZ's blog that I think we could consider, since I think that WE provide most of the traffic at UD...

Albatrossity - I like your "Say No To UD Day" idea. Why don't you suggest it at ATBC, pick a date or two, and we'll see what happens.

We might also consider doing this via PM, so we don't tip our hand, and it will be more of a surprise... Too bad we missed Dr. Dr. Demsbski's birthday. Anybody know when Davey's is?

Please discuss and post.

I'd be down for a say no to UD month....

Imagine how productive I would be if I wasn't constantly restraining myself from screaming?  I might even finish this dissertation...

September?  October?

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