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Quote (Kristine @ Feb. 28 2008,21:16)
As I said - it's sad, and it's disgusting. But Stein should have known better. What does he think of the idiots who are praising his film for "leading people to Jesus"?

Especially since most of the backing for ID comes from evangelical protestants. Think for a moment about what the founder of that movement had to say about jews, and which group of genocidal nutjobs was so fond of quoting him. Yet somehow "Darwinism" is hopelessly tainted by Darwins imperialist upbringing, while a religious sect created by someone who outright advocated discrimination, abuse, and ethnic cleansing (if not outright genocide) is A-OK ?

If "Darwinism" is evil because it was used (however vaguely and illogically) by madmen to justify mass murder, wouldn't that also apply to someone who's writings, read literally by the same madmen, were explicitly used to justify the same acts ?

While we are on the subject of rejecting ideas which were used (or abused) rationalize atrocities, would Mr. Stein care to discuss the Inquisition, the Crusades, the Salem witch trials ? Once we're done with those, maybe we could have a look through the old testament and see if there's any ideas guilty by association there ?

Are you sure you want to throw that particular rock next to your lovely glass house there Mr. Stein ? Anyone ? Bueller ?

This, BTW, was the point of my earlier questions for Kevin, which he has so far, to my great surprise, declined to answer.

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