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The TalkOrigins Foundation, Inc. (a Texas non-profit corporation) is accepting donations towards this project.  The Foundation's donation link is here.

A few notes about these donations:

(1) The Foundation's board of directors has authorized an expenditure from the Foundation's funds to acquire Expelled, should the Foundation be the winning bidder. The Foundation's bid is limited by the funds the Foundation currently has available. The board may decide to increase the Foundation's maximum bid based upon additional funds donated to the Foundation's Paypal account.

(2) The auction has an 10% fee due from the buyer at the auction's close, which would be on top of the Foundation's bid amount (should the Foundation have the winning bid). The Foundation will also need funds to transport and store whatever physical property is associated with the motion picture. Thus, the Foundation's top bid will be somewhat less than the full authorized expenditure.

(3) Although the current bid for Expelled is (at the time of this posting) less than the amount authorized to be expended, and the Foundation hopes to be successful in acquiring the motion picture, the Foundation cannot predict what the highest bid will be when the auction closes on June 28, 2011.  In addition, there is an undisclosed reserve price on the auction, which may be higher than any amount the Foundation is willing or able to bid.

(4) As a practical matter, the Foundation will be unable to return any donations made to the donors, even if the Foundation is unsuccessful in bidding for Expelled, or the Foundation is successful and the amount donated is greater than the bid.

We are therefore simply asking potential donors to make contributions (which are tax-deductible in the United States) to the TalkOrigins Foundation. Although the Foundation would like to use those funds towards the purchase of Expelled, given the constraints facing the Foundation, THE FOUNDATION CANNOT MAKE ANY GUARANTEE OR PROMISE CONCERNING THE EXPENDITURE OF THE DONATED FUNDS. Funds not used to acquire Expelled will be used for other purposes consistent with the Foundation's non-profit purposes. Due to the time constraints, the Foundation can only attempt to bid with the funds it has on hand and those donated to its Paypal account as of Monday, June 27, 2011.

Our thanks to everyone who has contributed to the Foundation in the past, and to those who contribute now to the Foundation.

Kenneth Fair
Secretary/Treasurer, TalkOrigins Foundation, Inc.

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