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Quote (kevinmillerxi @ Jan. 17 2009,09:07)
But wouldn't it be simpler to admit that your Germany/Nazi analogy was inaccurate and that anonymous character assassination is your forte?

Don't you see even a tiny bit of hypocrisy here, given the content of your movie ?

You get such a strong reaction here (and from reality based folks everywhere) because your film was obviously a deliberately dishonest on reason, science and scientists everywhere, all with the transparently obvious goal of promoting a particular religious agenda.

Your continued insistence that it was something else just makes you look like a dishonest hack.

Have you ever noticed that pretty much the only people who said anything good about your movie were fundamentalists ? That almost all the promoters of ID have a fundamentalist Christian agenda ? That ID has produced no credible science ? Are you so deluded by your own agenda that you honestly think this is just a coincidence ?

Something that really irked me during the time I worked on Expelled was the fact that people who occupied the various sides of this debate were more interested in hunkering down in their chosen corner and talking ABOUT the people who disagreed with them rather than actually trying to engage the other side(s).

ID is an obvious front for a religious agenda. It has no evidence to support it, and clearly has no place in science. As long as ID supporters insisting that their bullshit should be considered science, rather than actually doing science, there is nothing for rational people to engage.

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