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Quote (Lou FCD @ May 04 2008,15:50)
Rough quote to the best of my memory:
Quote (Dr. Phil Plait @ about an hour ago)
If you think the universe is 6000 years old, you shouldn't be teaching science.

I agree with the sentiment, but...
Did Gonzales actually ever express support for YEC views ? My impression was that he was into some kind of cosmological fine tuning flavor of id. While that might not be defensible as science, it's a heck of a lot less batshit crazy than YEC. I'd have serious concern about a YEC actually being able to teach science, but I don't think holding  some vague "god set it all up just right" view would be a problem.


No appreciable funding in the form of grants.
Little in the way of publications.
No grads.

Is plenty. No need to bring his religious views into it.

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