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Quote (stevestory @ April 10 2008,02:21)
You've gotta wonder about the dimwits who paid for this turkey.

"Hi, I'm here to get some funding from you. I wanna make a documentary about the revolutionary science of Intelligent Design."
"Ooo, scientific revolution, huh? Sounds neat. What kind of experiments do ID scientists do?"
"Experiments? They don't do any."
"So they're all theorists I guess. What's their theory?"
"Their guy Phil Johnson says they don't really have one yet."
"No experiments...Well then what do they publish in their journal?"
"Nothing. It went defunct three years ago."
"Sounds great! Here's $3.5 million!"

How much of the film actually talks about Intelligent Design? I think it's more like "We want to make a film that depicts evolutionists as crypto-Nazis."

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