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A game we can play!
According to:

Some arguing ensued concerning the scientific merits of ID, and someone asked, "Where's the evidence? Where are the peer reviewed papers?" to which Mathis proudly proclaimed, "Actually, there are ten peer reviewed papers."

Leaving aside just how pathetic* that is, it would be quite interesting to get a list of those papers. This leads to the game:

Guess how many papers will be left after you remove those that
- Don't actually exist. Startlingly, some evidence suggests that Mathis might occasionally engage in fibbing.
- Were published by some Sternbergian subterfuge.
- Were not published in recognized, credible scientific journals, but rather in the likes of IDs own PCID, AiGs Answers Research Journal, or popular press.
- Have been retracted like the infamous Warda/Han paper.
- Are written by people who do not accept ID and do not believe their work supports ID. The ID movement has a long history of claiming as their own papers for the simple fact they contain the word "design" in the abstract.

I'll open with a guess of 1

* We might consider how many scientists named Steve have individually published more papers on evolution than the ten claimed by Mathis as the total output of ID.

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