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Quote (kevinmillerxi @ Mar. 23 2008,15:56)
Reed: Have answered your question on my blog. Added 2 my original post.

You say:

Note how she creates the illusion of balance by quoting both sides. But what she is actually doing is setting up the Expelled folks as targets and then using PZ, Dawkins, and Eugenie to knock them down.

Yes, Cornelia Dean quotes them as saying bad things about your movie, and gives them the last word. However it's clear that she's quoting, and you haven't identified any part of the "knocking down" done that is factually incorrect. Or actually any of the story that you claim is factually incorrect.

The story certainly makes the Expelled group look bad, but the main reason is their own actions. Turning someone who is featured and credited in a film away from a screening makes you look bad, regardless of what excuse you come up with. It makes you look especially bad when you are found to be lying about about the reasons and circumstances.

The "We are all having a good laugh" bits certainly favor the PZ/Dawkins side, but the fact is the situation is funny, and the participants are laughing about it.

It's clear she isn't sympathetic to your side, but it seems to me she got the basics facts right, and treated the core of the story honestly. That's pretty good by the standards of journalism today, and far from the blatant spin job you claimed.

But this whole issue is minor compared to the complaints about the film itself. You could start with BadIdeas.

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