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Quote (Wesley R. Elsberry @ Mar. 22 2008,18:58)
Copyright protects performances. But even so, even if the animation is done by the "Expelled" folks, it could still be an infringement of the Harvard/XVIVO animation if it is found to be a derivative work. If it can be mistaken by knowledgeable people for the original, they are running a significant risk in this respect, though it must be said that IANAL.

From my (IANAL) understanding, they would have to be very similar indeed to get into any trouble if they haven't actually copied any of the original. Not just "gee it looks really similar" but "I can't tell these scenes apart even playing them side by side."

People have tried to extend copyright to "look and feel" but fortunately have failed for the most part.

If they actually made it themselves, they are probably safe.

@glen yeah, I noticed that after the fact (see my next post after that one), but I still can't edit, so there it is ;)

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