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Thanks for the report.
Quote (Nomad @ Mar. 19 2008,23:18)
Regarding their usage of the Pink Floyd song.. I think they got permission somehow or another.  It wasn't the original Pink Floyd performance, it was played solely on string instruments.

Ben Stein has been around the industry long enough that I would expect him (or his people) to know how to do such things by the book.

I'm not entirely certain if the point of this movie is to make money.  When you look at some of the details, like the plans to pay schools to force their students to go see it, it starts sounding fishy.  I start wondering if the whole thing is meant more as a promotional stunt than a means to rake in the money.

I'd guess there's a True Believer camp and an in it for the money camp. The latter need not make their money in the box office, as many of the former are very wealthy and think this is Gods Work.

The money for schools to see it appears to come from outside organizations, not out of Ben Steins Money ;)

See for example. The ticket stub deal is only $10,000 to the group that collects the most.

They also have a pretty good guaranteed audience among fundie groups, and a large grass roots promotional network who will not only think work for free, but think it is their moral duty to do so.
Perhaps his recent financial advice screwups were the result of him phoning in his last days as a financial guru before he moves on to Liars for Jesus inc?  Is a Fox News guest commenter relationship on the horizon?

It has been suggested he wants to set himself up as the Michael Moore of the right.

Prediction: The next film will be about global warming.

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