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Quote (Louis @ Aug. 16 2007,11:16)
Quote (skeptic @ Aug. 16 2007,17:12)
First of all I am not making any positive claim, I'm merely informing you about the nature of reality (i.e. that in fact reason can be used to analyse certain phenomena that you claim on no basis it cannot) such as humans have uncovered over millenia. Your repeated shrill denials do not constitute evidence. You are making the positive claim that reason cannot examine X and faith can. That is the claim (or rather one of the claims) you have to justify. You are claiming limits on rational enquiry that don't appear to be there, you are making a claim in contradiction to the evidence we have collected as a species thus far. So yes, the burden of proof falls to you. You are also supporting a dualism based on nothing more than an appeal to ignorance, a dualism long since disproven by the evidence, so yet again the burden of proof falls to you.

You have not demonstrated that this evidence exists just your continued sayso. I'll get back after I read your "book," just wanted to point that out real quick.

{Slaps forehead}

Fuck me, you're a stupid bastard Skeptic.


Professor Feynman, er, I mean Louis, can you prove that there isn't any non-materialistic evidence that Skeptic isn't a stupid bastard? NO. NO. NO, NO and NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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