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We can examine people who say the are in love and monitor reactions and interactions in the course of them displaying this love. We're into a subjective realm already unless you just want to rely on a consensus but we'll proceed anyway. Now we've identified various chemicals that are involved in these reactions and maybe even presumed at their optimum levels. Do this mean that everything we need to know about what we think we're studying, Love, can be determined by the levels of testosterone, phenylethylamine , dopamine, etc. Does this tell us what love feels like? Or why a mother charges into a burning building to save her child? Or why a spouse will die of a "broken heart" following the death of their beloved? Or why people will knowingly sacrifice themselves for family, friends, country and God? NO. NO. NO, and NO.

Does the current lack of a comprehensive "materialistic" explanation for each one of these phenomena provide the slightest shadow of a scintilla of a hint of a suggestion of the tiniest, most microscopic little piece of evidence that there's anything non-materialistic behind them? NO. NO. NO. NO, NO, NO, and uh-uh.

Please, let us know as soon as you find some of this non-materialistic evidence. Or when you can suggest what evidence might eventually be found. Or how we might find it. Even hypothetically. Please. Otherwise and until then, you're just talking out your ass and spouting the same arguments from ignorance/false dichotomies as the stupID IDiots. As usual.

Meanwhile science marches on, providing more and more (admittedly provisional and incomplete) explanations of those same phenomena your woo tells us utterly, absolutely NOTHING useful about. Believe whatever you want, but arguing with smarter people (I'm not including myself in this group) who know more about the subject just makes you look stupid. er.

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