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Dave Wisker:

Dave Wisker
I completely agree with your remark in #19 above. Foul language has no place on this Web site, and the author of the offending comments should apologize

Thanks. Actually, bornagain did post a ‘notpology’, essentially blaming the big bad atheists for his behavior, and also informing me that putting up with his rudeness was worth it since he was actually trying to save my soul. I know, pathetic.
He also seems to think he hurt my feelings. Not so. I have been called far worse by far better debaters than him, and had a beer with them afterwards. The fact is, his debating style is shallow, tiresome, selectively-informed and non-engaging. The “love it or leave it” remark finally convinced me he isn’t a serious participant. There are far more serious participants here that are worth engaging.

Those who know the truth are not equal to those who love it-- Confucius

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