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Richard Simons

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(Permalink) Posted: Aug. 09 2007,07:11   

Red Dot:

You said earlier that 'Creation scientists' believe Cambrian deposits to be pre-Flood. Does this mean you consider all other deposits to have originated in the Flood?

I do not understand how a flood could lay down massive amounts of limestone, complete with caves, cave-paintings and charcoal that looks like it comes from hearths. Perhaps you could explain?

You claim that the problem of how sloths got to South America is being worked on. What I find more interesting is how cacti got to the Americas without leaving any trace in the Old World. If people took them, why would they do this with plants of marginal use but neglect to take wheat, barley, flax, peas, lentils, dates and many other useful plants? Like the early European settlers taking thrift, primroses and dormice around the world but leaving wheat and cattle behind.

All sweeping statements are wrong.

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