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Shirley Knott

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(Permalink) Posted: April 16 2008,09:35   

Quote (Venus Mousetrap @ April 16 2008,09:10)
Quote (Paul Nelson @ April 16 2008,08:25)
Hello all,

I'm back from Brazil, and catching up with stuff.  Thanks to Alb for his hard work on the textbooks and Haeckel business -- much appreciated.  I'm doing my own additional survey using the textbook collection at the Univ. of Chicago science library.  Gary, please let me know when your copy of EE arrives (it's being sent from Seattle), and I apologize for any delays in the shipping.

I have some media appearances to do here in Chicago for Expelled, but after the film opens on Friday, life should quiet down a bit and I can rejoin the EE festival here.

Welcome back Paul.

One does rather wonder why you wrote a textbook on the subject that inspired Hitler to kill millions of Jews. ;)

One rather suspects it is because there are some left.

no hugs for thugs,
Shirley Knott

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