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Rev. BigDumbChimp

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(Permalink) Posted: July 02 2007,22:14   

Well anyone with a shred of ability to see this adminstration for what it is knew this was coming.

I do like the fact he only commuted his sentence instead of a pardon. Which means exactly zero.

As I said at my blog

This is essentially a pardon. He serves no time and he'll never suffer the problems that anyone else with a conviction record like his would. All those Bush groupies will be falling over themselves to give him a job.

OH NO. He has to pay a $250,000 fine!

Right. They'll be plenty of under the table gifts to make that a whitewash. If anything this cements his place as a martyr for the idiot right wingnuts. I bet this increases his sellability in the private sector exponentially.

If this isn't proof that Bush is a joke, I don't know what is.

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