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Quote (Louis @ July 03 2007,06:17)

Good point. Another one is that Wikipedia, the Britannica, CNN* etc are secondary sources of information. You treat secondary sources exactly like you said, with big pinches of salt.


Interestingly, CNN provides strong evidence against one of ID's central claims, that new information cannot be created without the intervention of an intelligent agent.  Paula Zahn is clearly not an intelligent agent, but every bit of information that passes through her is given a new, right-wing slant.  However, the mutation is always deleterious to the organism (truth), so I'm ultimately not sure how to score that one.
*I can see how in some circumstances the media can be primary sources of data, and indeed this has happened quite a lot. However in modern times it seems that the news outlets all repeat Reuters or some other "source" with their own spin the majority of the time.
CNN is a primary source, for instance, if you're researching what news coverage/topics Big Business finds most favorable to its own goals.

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