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I think the sentencing difference is probably due to the difference in the actual crimes committed.   Jo Hovind was charged with and convicted of 44 counts of evading reporting requirements -- she was signatory to 44 cash transactions just under the 10,000USD minimum banks are required to report.

Kent Hovind on the other hand was convicted of 12 charges of failing to pay employee-related taxes (FICA and SS withdrawals and such, I imagine),  1 count of "corruptly endeavoring to obstruct and impede the administration of the internal revenue laws",   *and* 45 counts of evading reporting requirements.

I do think that the 13 other crimes of greater magnitude commited by Kent Hovind alone account for the difference in sentencing perfectly well.  

 Certainly, the woman should have gotten the hell out of dodge and spilled all she knew as soon as she realized what was going on --  but I am inclined to wonder how much she actually knew,  given the tendency of fundies to have extreme power imbalances in their marriages.

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