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For what feels like the fifth time, you have not answered my question.  Is the following a nested hierarchy:

Code Sample

             /           \
D(sam's first son) D(sam's second son)

Yes or no, Joe.

If you have a scheme of x and all male descendants ox x, with x also being a male, what happens when one generation is of all females, who then have sons?

It depends on how you want to define the tree that forms a "patriarchal family tree".  Assume Sam has a son, and a daughter and the daughter has a son, "Sam's second grandson".  The following is a set of "male decsendents of Sam":

Code Sample

------------D(sam's son)---------\
---D(sam's first grandson)----D(sam's second grand son)

If we define a "paternal family tree" as a set of relations linked by sons, you might simply ignore any descendents of females, so the tree might end at a certain point.  How do you define "paternal family tree", Joe?  In your world does a paternal family tree include all male offspring?  Or only trace continual male lineages through time?  Depending on your answer to this you should be able to answer your own question.  (You can feel free to answer this question Joe, it's been a while since you answered any questions it seems.).

How would you like to define the operator "D", Joe?  (Here is another question you should answer.)

That the set D(sam) includes all of Sam's descendents?
Then you do not have a paternal family tree.
IOW you are changing things to suit your outcome.

I don't understand what you mean.

It's ONE definition. A nested hierarchy requires several, and only sometimes will one apply.

I have no idea what you are talking about.

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