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You have not answered any of my questions.  I will repeat some:

1) Precisely what part of your argument did I misrepresent in my post.  Please be specific.

2) Do we agree with the following definition of a nested hierarchy:

"A nested hierarchy is a structured set of sets, where all sets are potentially connected "above" to "parent" sets and "below" to "child" sets, such that all elements of a node's children are elements of the node.  The "top-most" node in such a structure, if it exists, has no parent and is called the "root node"."

3) The argument in your original post appears to be that since a paternal family tree relies on only one "criteria" it is not a nested hierarchy.  Is this a correct statement of your argument?

4) Which rules in particular are violated in example (1) above.  Please be specific.

5) However if we define a "below" operator: "B(x) = {s : the value of s is less than or equal to x}" then:

Does form a nested hierarchy because the elements of the set "B(Q)" include the elements of "B(J)".  Do we agree that this ordering of playing cards forms a nested hierarchy?  If so, why does the following not form a nested hierarchy:

D(sam) -> D(sam's first son) -> D(sam's first grandson)?

If not, why not?


Nested and non-nested hierarchies: nested hierarchies involve levels which consist of, and contain, lower levels.

Do you still think that a paternal family tree is a nested hierarchy?

Yes.  Can you please answer the following question.  In the following:

D(p1) -> D(p2) -> D(p3)

Does the level D(p2) consist of and contain D(p3)?

Yes or no?  I believe that most people believe that D(p2) consists of and contains D(p3).  You appear to disagree.


You probably do, but then again you are also an evolutionist.

This is not aiding your argument.

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