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Rev. BigDumbChimp

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(Permalink) Posted: June 27 2007,11:42   

Quote (blipey @ June 27 2007,11:33)
Joe G is funny, but so completely impervious to any regular human interactions that a thread for him is probably useless.

That being said, I had to post this latest from his blog.  It's almost unimaginable that he would publish my comment.  I mean aren't these people supposed to be Bible Code experts and all?  If so, isn't it odd that he didn't find anything here:

blipey said...

   Jump into the fray
   Over and over we go
   Even though there are no
   Great secrets to be learned,
   I troll the waters.
   Searching for prey,
   Somedays I pounce.
   Today is one of those days.
   Up and up we go,
   Perilously high--
   I defy
   Discussion to be had.

The entire thread is more Joe not being able to fathom what his own sentences mean.


He'll reinterpret that to mean he's a genius.

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