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Cedric Katesby

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(Permalink) Posted: July 09 2007,05:06   

Oh yes, 'Event Horizon'. (shudder)

Many years ago, I was 'between jobs' for about eight months.  Shared a house and was living on the cheap.
Right next door was a video rental place .  They had this offer of six (older) videos for two dollars or something.
I'd always been a B-grade movie fan but after living next to that place, I became a true connoisseur.
(I also discovered some great Bogart movies, but that's another story.)
After months of raiding the video store, I was really scraping the bottom of the barrel.  Then I found a horror movie that was just so delightfully bad that it became a firm favourite of mine.
It was so good that I actually stopped the video twenty minutes in because such a movie should be enjoyed with friends.
So, I invited a select circle of fellow movie buffs over for beer and pretzels to help me watch the movie.
The movie was 'Bloodsucking Pharaohs in Pittsburgh'.
Very, very, VERY cheap movie.
Horrible music.
Cheezy one-liners.
A plot that made little to no sense.
Sets that involved inner-city camels, a dildo display and an extremely powerful vacuum cleaner.

In short: glorious!
At the end of the movie, my friends gave me a standing ovation.  We then rewound it and watched it again. :D

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