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Quote (Ichthyic @ June 22 2007,13:33)
well, related to the issue of religious paraphernalia in school is the issue of gang paraphernalia in school.

wearing symbols of certain gangs in many CA schools is a sure way to start a brawl, or worse.

hence, many schools have banned the wearing of certain items of clothing.

I recall getting in trouble at a HS I attended over the dress code.   There was a blurb banning "bandanas, scarves, or other gang related clothing",  which I failed to interpret as dis-allowing the hot-pink polka dotted scarf I wore tied into a big floppy bow in my hair.   The principle confiscated the scarf  (in lieu of detention, since it was an honest mistake).  Pissed me off to no end, since I never got the thing back,  and back then the 18 bucks of baby sitting money I had spent on it seemed like quite a chunk of change to me.


The problem with blanket bans on things is that they're often ineffective, and always end up with unintendedly broad consequences.

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