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Rev. BigDumbChimp

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(Permalink) Posted: June 27 2007,14:12   

Quote (VMartin @ June 27 2007,12:18)
Another "psychologist"  with very nice nick "Rev. BigDumbChimp":


JAD is a Joke and the fact that you're his lapdog makes you one as well. He's growing increasingly insane and ...well... the fact you can't help but wag your tail in his shadow says alot.

I would like to congratulate you for another deep "psychological" insight (darwinists are not only brilliant scientists but also prominent linguists and psychologists as we see here) but I am afraid you are only projecting your own dismal situation to John and me. But it is O.K. - darwinists project humans relation also to animal kingdom seeing everywhere "struggle for life", "evolution in action" and "mimicry".

Dismal Situation in what way? The theory of Evolution is the accepted explanation for the fact of evolution. It is one of the most well supported theories in science whether you or JAD choose to accept it. I see nothing dismal about that. It's you hand waving types on the sidelines who's current situation is dismal. John IS a joke. He's a joke here, a joke among those actually doing the science and a joke every time he writes another 400 comment single post blog. When you find the strength to remove your proboscis from JAD's nether regions you feel the need to defend his untenable position by failing to address questions posed to you and readjusting the x,y coordinates of those posts generally found on the short sides of a football field.

I stick by my assessment.

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