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Quote (stevestory @ June 09 2007,22:52)
Davescot used my name to say awful things on a blog one time. Someone used FtK's name recently at PT. Someone's used Doc Bill at pharyngula recently to post stupid rantings.

Is this new? I've only become aware of it recently. Is this a new tactic by the trolls, or is there a history of this sort of thing?

It's nothing new to the internet -- the first time I got spoofed was in a chatroom back in 1997.  I haven't seen it often on EvC blogs/forums -- or any other serious topic forums really -- until very recently.

I've always found it to be sort of amusing/pathetic.   It rarely works -- the kind of mind that thinks "I'll pretend to be X and make them look bad"  is almost never capable of pretending to be X well enough to be believed.   Especially when acting out of character.    

The other primary motivation for it is to get user X banned -- and that works less and less well as the ability to follow and identify users by IP  has grown more sophisticated and accessible to less tech savvy forum owners/operators.

I'm all for consistent and/or realname nicks.    I use two nicks (one my real name
) because I have two very different internet "lives", so to speak.   But both of my nicks are consistent in the areas I use them,  and they have no overlap.  In any and all forums related to EvC, skepticism, atheism, religion, public health, etc  I am PennyBright.   In any and all forums related to knitting, writing, hiking, cooking, homemaking, cleaning funny spots with homemade  cleansers, etc,  I am  [redacted by author].

Sort of a school-life vs homelife kind of separation, as it were.

Conversation should be pleasant without scurrility, witty without affectation, free without indecency, learned without conceitedness, novel without falsehood. - Shakespeare (reputedly)

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