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Quote (dvunkannon @ Sep. 10 2010,11:03)
Quote (Robin @ Sep. 10 2010,09:42)
Quote (Schroedinger's Dog @ Sep. 09 2010,16:23)


The bestest whole meal everest!!!*

*No, seriously, I love Haggis.

Egads! You can't be serious!

Personally I can't stomach it. (no pun and all that)

Tried it with several pints of Guinness and even that didn't help. I did eat the turnips, potatoes, and carrots though, so I suppose all in all I had a decent meal.

And you had several pints of Guiness!

Yep! As I said, it was a decent meal - good liquid bread and plenty of tasty veggies - the sheep's porridge-n-sheep's stomach notwithstanding.

Oh, and 'round these parts we spell the stout's name with two 'n's. Stop ogling at yer bride's figure and look it up.   :D

we IDists rule in design for the flagellum and cilium largely because they do look designed.  Bilbo

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