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Quote (Schroedinger's Dog @ July 09 2010,03:45)


I just spent 2 weeks in Belgium, and let me tell you: their gastronomy is quite awefull.

Really? I spent about 5 days in Hasselt (not exactly THE cultural center of Europe) and had some splendid meals - in a little pre-war hotel no less. They hotel house wine was a marvelous deuxieme cru from Graves - simply stunning from my perspective. This from the Flemish no less. Granted this a bit ago, so maybe things have changed.

Of particular interest, after some fantastic rack of lamb for me to wash down some luscious bisque and some Cornish hens my boss devoured, the waiter came out with a big grin and even bigger bowl of 'pomme frites' thinking, I suppose, that we 'Mericans needed some instruction on what actual fries are all about. They were completely unparalleled - nothing like anything one can get here in America.  

Perhaps that was a fluke?

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