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Quote (Kristine @ May 24 2007,12:06)
In the panga on the way back to the ship, I noticed a star in the sky and asked if it was Jupiter. Richard said that it was Venus (sorry, Richard, I still think it was Jupiter)

I know this is kind of late, but if you could remember about when and in what direction it was, I can probably tell you.

Jupiter is up pretty early now, but in March it was rising after midnight, at least thats what I remember (I'm an amature astronomer). I didn't get out much in May, so I don't remember - but I can look it up.

Venus is easily the brightest thing in the night sky, aside from the moon, and has been for a few months. If what you saw was towards the sunset, you saw Venus. Jupiter would have been low in the east at any reasonable hour. (I assume you were probably not up and about at 3AM)

Ok, I'm doing being a space geek - for now.

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