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Quote (Mr_Christopher @ Feb. 07 2008,13:42)
They’ve denied his due process rights throughout this entire appeal,” Luskin continued.

Apparently Luskin is as confused about law as he is about science.

There are no "due process" provisions in the constitution regarding a tenure dispute at a university.  The meeting of regents is not a court of law.

I used to think Luskin was a clever propagandist, lately I'm convinced he's just dumb.

I have a friend who has some legal training... In a non-USican sense.

"Due Process" could apply in the vernacular to the University's own rules. If the University had not followed its own rules, this could be the basis for a lawsuit on the basis "Due Process" was not followed.

I have no idea whether Luskin has used the correct terminology under Americanian Law, but I imagine that's what he's alluding to.

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