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Cedric Katesby

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(Permalink) Posted: Aug. 24 2007,09:09   

For those who are interested, I tracked down RealPC at Ambivablog where she seems to hang out.

(If you visit there, please be nice. ?The blog has all sorts of strange topics but the host is...well...hospitible.)

So, I took RealPC to task for her shameful trolling and unsupported statements.
After much weeping and wailing and nashing of teeth, she finally 'explained' herself.

I am not credulous, just the opposite.

Cedric is bothered because I said James Randi is close-minded about paranormal research, and I think that almost goes without saying. Randi is similar to Dawkins, waging a war against any kind of supernatural belief.

I have no obligation to answer everything Cedric or someone else asks, if I feel the answer is obvious, or the question is not interesting. I don't have time to get involved in boring or pointless conversations. I have explained my interpretation of ID multiple times at PandasThumb.

Sad really.
Still, now all of the other regulars over there know that a thread all devoted to her is here at the Panda's Thumb.
They also know that SHE knows it but refuses to engage.
Guess she doesn't have the time. ;)

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