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I realize this is a little late (and OT), but I have always wanted to be able to question somebody who believes that slavery "Bible style" is okay. FtK, I realize that you are up front about not putting much thought into what you write here, but I have never been able to wrap my head around the idea of using anything as a moral guide which allows the ownership of another person, and I'm hoping, at least, for a peek further inside the reasoning of somebody who does.

First of, let me emphasize the parts of what you already wrote that I find most puzzling.

In regard to slavery, I believe it was permitted in the Bible because of sin in the world. It existed before the Jews were formed as a nation and it existed after Israel was conquered. Slavery, like divorce, is not preferred by God. Instead, it was allowed. You must remember that even though the Israelite slaves were treated very harshly by the Egyptians, the Bible gave many rights and privileges to slaves. So, even though it isn’t the best way to deal with people, because God has allowed man freedom, slavery then exists. God instructed the Israelites to treat them properly. Some references to this are Exodus 10:10, 21:2, 21:20, and Leviticus 22:11. Remember also, that in modern times; that is, after the Civil War when emancipation was granted to numerous slaves the majority of them chose to remain with their masters on the plantation. So who knows what the situation was in Israel at the time.

What I take away from the above is that you believe that God allows slavery because he allows evil into the world, but he only does so grudgingly, and he makes sure that there are rules about how masters should treat their slaves.

What I would like is a little clarification on two issues. The first is why slavery is the exception. Sure, there's evil in the world and we have free will to chose, but there are still plenty of rules in the Bible about the right choice and the wrong choice. Why allow the existence of slavery (and legitimize it by making rules which govern it) while making a commandment against coveting your neighbor's possessions? It would seem, from a naive standpoint, to be marking some actions as as worse than others. Do you think this means that coveting is worse than slavery?

The second issue I have would like clarification on is whether you really feel that the rules laid on on how to treat slaves are proper. Some of them seem outright cruel in my eyes (e.g. allowing a slave to go free but not letting the family go, allowing the death of a slave to go unpunished if he holds out for two days before dying). Since you pointed these out as examples, I assume that you feel that these are some of the proper rules on how to treat a slave, and I would like to know what context makes these moral actions.

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