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Chris Hyland

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(Permalink) Posted: April 13 2007,13:44   

The more inquisitive students must be wondering why those profs. won't step up to the plate and debate.  Hopefully, the students will start asking questions about this hesitation to engage in dialogue.
Maybe but the answer is pretty easy. I would suspect that if you put a random biologist in a debate against a creationist the biologist will loose. This is primarily because the creationist will have a very broad but very shallow knowledge of what they are debating, and so can come up with claims that a scientist may not be able to refute on the spot. Furthermore the scientist will need to be quite familiar with the history of antievolutionism, as well as be able to answer questions on topics such as eugenics and philosophy of science. If you pick an random biologist they probably wont fair well, but is interesting that someone like Wes or Ken Miller who understands the arguments usually wins.

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