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Quote (Kristine @ Feb. 15 2008,11:22)
Now that I look back it’s too bad we didn’t also invite any biblical scholars to this thread – you know, someone of the calibre of Walter Brueggemann, an expert on the Old Testament, and best known for “Genesis: A Living Conversation” with Bill Moyers on PBS, to hammer it into Ftk that these silly little nobodies like Walter Brown make a mockery of biblical scholarship!

Fundagelicals deem Bible scholars anathema. Even theologians are suspect, particularly the Catholic ones. It seems a major point of the fundagelical movement is that you don't have to be smart, analytical, or have anything above a third-grade reading level, to get close to the devine. None of them nasty bishops standing between you and Gawd, no complicated or esoteric writing to decipher, just the ineffable, inerrant, infalible Word of GAWD right here in this here book; that most of them have not read in its entirety.


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