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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 10 2008,19:01   

i believe ftk to be a brave person.  she comes here knowing her viewpoint is going to be skewered, she'll be subjected to personal ridicule, her ID comrades will be made fun of....
i do not agree with her beliefs, i think some of her personal views are ridiculous and her ID comrades are often dispicable.
but she comes here anyway.

i don't know if i'd show up repeatedly for an asskickin'.
i'm certainly no biologist.  my education was/is in history and then computer science.  i cannot intelligently discuss some of the points made here.

but ftk is here.  practicaly unarmed.

so, she shows promise.  she's here slingin' with the best.

she just needs the "paul on the road to damascus" conversion.  eh?

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