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(Permalink) Posted: Dec. 06 2007,15:16   

I wonder if FTK knows she is responsible for promoting atheism more than Christopher Hitchens is. If it wasn't for people like FTK making Christianity look like a home for wayward idiots (or should that be IDiots?), Christopher Hitchens' writings wouldn't appeal to nearly as many people as they do.

In other news, here's an update on the earlier breaking news story:

Breaking News: Clarification

Apparently this is a different blogger known as FTK (in this case it stands for "For The Kooks") and the Christopher Hitchens in question is a less famous atheist, who disbelieves in a different god than the other Christopher Hitchens, and For The Kooks promotes a different sort of creationist pseudoscience than For The Kids, and believes in a different religion called Christianity than For The Kids does.

Hope that clarifies things - sorry for any confusion! Apparently the breaking news got garbled in cyberspace... :-)

Do I need to clarify for anyone what in this post is serious and what is an attempt at humor? I will break it down line by line on request...


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