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This is a double post, but speaking of Kansas here is what they're saying in Witchita

The Wichita Eagle

NOVA program a crash course in evolutionary science
 Kansans still convinced that public schools should teach creationism or the intelligent design theory should watch a two-hour NOVA program on KPTS, Channel 8, next Tuesday at 7 p.m.
 The program is about the 2005 landmark case in which the Dover, Pa., school board was sued for ordering its science teachers to read a statement suggesting that intelligent design -- an idea that life is too complicated to have evolved naturally -- was a scientific alternative to evolution. District Judge John Jones ruled that intelligent design was a religious-based theory and couldn’t be taught in the science classroom.
 NOVA producer Paula S. Apsell said that the case is instructive in that it “provided a crash course in modern evolutionary science” and “explored the very nature of science — how science is defined.”
 Click here to watch a YouTube trailer of the program.
 Meanwhile, the Discovery Institute, which promotes intelligent design, contends that intelligent design is not religious based and that a teacher guidebook about the show distributed by NOVA violates the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause.
Posted by Phillip Brownlee

I'd like to thank the DI for all the free advertising for the teacher guide.  No doubt the number of dowloads for this teaching aid will out number any other NOVA program and science teachers who might not have ever paid attention to the guide will download one now if nothing else but to satisfy their curiosity.

See, the DI is helping science teachers improve their understanding of both intelligent design creationism and ToE.

How cool is that?

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