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Quote (Ftk @ July 26 2011,21:18)
Hey, gym rat, go back and read through the entire dialogue on the UD thread...actually read *all* the links.  If you don't agree with me, there is something terribly, terribly wrong with you.  

I don't take back a fugging word I've said.  It's you jerks who need to learn to read and then admit when you're
wrong.  We go through this every time I post.  A handful of you take everything I've written, twist it beyond recognition and then battle something I've not even said or supported.  Later in the dialogue most of you tend to realize that what I ~actually~ wrote was not horrific at all.  

Quit jumping the gun, relax, read thoroughly, and try to hold back the hatred for at least a few hours of thoughtful consideration before you bounce out of into the ring slugging.  Gads.

"Gym rat".  <*chortle*>  You wound me deeply.

No, I've read through.  I don't agree with you.  There is something wrong with you.  Something deep and fundamental.  Not the least of which is your tendency to project.  A lot.

Once again, as most here have told you when speaking for themselves, I don't "hate" you.  You aren't worth that kind of strong emotion.  Pity, yes.  Contempt, yes.  Disgust, hell yes.  Hate, no.  Sorry, you don't rate high enough.  There's only one person on this earth who gets top billing as my arch-nemesis and you ain't her.  Although, as much as I loathe this individual who has tried to cause me and mine harm, I would still donate blood, marrow, and even a kidney if she needed it to survive, although I wouldn't want her to know it was me who was doing it.

But I digress.  You're still a contemptable redneck bigot where your brain checks out and the Jesus bullshit kicks in.

I've found my personality to be an effective form of birth control.

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