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Quote (Ftk @ Dec. 08 2008,12:57)
Hey guys,

Guess what I found on my front doorstep this morning??!

The latest edition of Walt's book....*smiles*.

Most of us don't need more than a couple paragraphs of Walt's babble to determine conclusively that he is a liar, lunatic, or (my favored hypothesis) both.

Your inability to understand this represents an alarming failure to think critically, especially in light of the number of obvious examples that have been pointed out to you.

As an alternative to reading Walts tome, I'd highly recommend taking the lowest level science and critical thinking classes you can find at your local junior college. Learning to tell the difference between science and gobbledygook posing as science has the potential to benefit you greatly, regardless of your views on religion or evolution. It could even save your life. Or your kids lives.

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