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Quote (Ftk @ Oct. 08 2008,16:24)
As I've said endless times before, I have absolutely no intention of discussing specific YE arguments in this particular venue.  It would turn into a three ring circus.

You keep saying you don't want to discuss YEC theory, but you hold Walt Brown up as an example of a legitimate creationist researcher.

There is a problem with this. Walt's "theories" are obviously batshit crazy. Anyone with any knowledge in the fields he talks about can immediately see that he is either delusional, a fraud or both. The fact that you fail to recognize this, despite having many blatant examples pointed out to you by actual experts, doesn't speak well for either your eduction or your interest in learning.

Of course, you may say I'm just some random person on the internet (true!) and I don't understand Walts theory (also true, to the extent that the ravings of a lunatic can't really be understood.) Fine. Go to your local community college or university, pick biology, geology, astronomy or physics instructors (or even TAs) at random, and ask what they think of a the parts of Walts book that relate to their field. My prediction is that more than 50% will laugh out loud.

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