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Quote (Ftk @ Oct. 06 2008,12:42)
So, since I was polite and have been patiently waiting for Tom's response, I'm avoiding everyone else.  Whatever.  I'll get back to it, and when I do, I'D LIKE TO USE RED LETTER IN SOME PARTS OF IT INSTEAD OF BLACK.


Right, when it is pointed out that you have made fundamental, glaring errors, the "polite" thing to do is ignore that, unless a specific person points them out.

For example, after reading would you still consider to your statements about "darwinsts" and "junk DNA" to be correct ? If so, what are the specific errors in the above linked post ? If not, do you agree that your previous statements on the topic were false and ill informed ?

You also haven't answered Toms question here:

Given our earlier exchange, I'm curious: do you accept that humans and other great apes share (or could conceivably share) a common ancestor?

Because if you don't, all that explaining I did about segmental duplication would have made zero sense to you. The technical details I tried (unsuccessfully, I fear) to convey really have no meaning outside of the context of a phylogenetic tree.

If you're still working on digesting the details, I'd suggest in that case that it might not be worth pursuing.

ETA: The question is a sincere one, and not meant to put you on the spot.

Note that instead of answering this, you started a tangent about the worlds religions supporting "design"

You don't need fancy formatting. You need to make coherent, logical points based of facts.

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