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Quote (Louis @ Oct. 06 2008,11:07)
I've gotta be honest, but I reckon FTK is throwing a tantrum over Blipey's (most likely innocuous) comments at her blerug to disguise the fact that she a) will not answer any of the science/basic philosophy questions that have been asked very politely, b) she cannot answer any of the aforementioned questions.

Louis can haz cookie.

If you look upthread, the last thing here was that she made a long post about "science" that was packed full of glaring errors and falsehoods. This was pointed out by several people, with reasonable politeness and considerable detail.

What happens next ?
1) she comments a bunch over on the "politics and antievolution" thread, but doesn't post any significant response here because she "doesn't have time"
2) after some time has passed, comes back here and throws a few pages of tantrum about blipey.
3) Excuse that Tom Ames hasn't responded. Never mind that other people have provided clear, civil responses. Never mind Toms last post here was a question directed at her, which as far as I can tell, she never answered, despite making an (error filled) response to his earlier post here

No doubt excuse #3b) is that his post got lost because of all the noise... much of which which she created, and completely ignoring the fact that simply clicking on a users name would give her their posts in chronological order.

Design inference: Excuse #4 will be OMG DARWINST SO MEAN followed by flounce.

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