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We’re talking jaw and fish bone fragments, for Christ’s sake.  But, we’re supposed to believe they represent the proof that we evolved from fish and apes.

Yeah, but gigatons of rocks getting launched at over escape velocity by the flood is totally plausible. Have you ever watched a Shuttle launch FTK ? See how much energy goes into putting a measly 100 tons into low earth orbit ? How we burn almost 2000 tons of the most energetic fuels we can make to get there ?

Now the asteroid belt is estimated to mass at least 3x10^21 kg (3,000,000,000,000,000,000 tons if I counted right). Think about how much energy you need to get that all going, oh, twice as fast as the Shuttle. If you turned all the oceans to rocket fuel, you'd still be short by a couple orders of magnitude.

Your buddy Walt claims water squirting out of holes in the ground did this.

It should be obvious that this is complete and utter horseshit. It's batshit crazy, not "compelling" or "interesting" except as a psychological curiosity.

Honestly, I'm not the one who keeps bringing up his theory.

Seems you thought pretty highly of him. In any case, that's beside the point.

You were repeatedly shown the obvious fact that he's a fraud. The fact that you were unable to recognize that speaks volumes as to your ability to distinguish real science from bullshit. The fact that you used his credentials to deny his obvious nuttiness, while dismissing those of real scientists is hypocritical.

This is what The Kids call Epic Fail.

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