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Quote (Doc Bill @ July 14 2008,16:51)
Well, let's cut to the chase.

FtK doesn't have a copy of Shubin's book, which is a great read, by the way.

FTK claimed to have read it, and wasn't impressed:

Hon, he postulates how hernias, hiccups, and snores evolved from freaking fish.  Come on.  As far as the tiktaalik find, sure, nice theory based on historical inference and bone fragments.  Interesting, but that book is certainly steaming from the piles of speculation found within it.  

Then again, she claims to have read Walt Browns effluent, and found it very convincing (and presumably, not a steaming pile of anything... because Walt has an engineering degree while Shubin uh... never mind.)

All I can say is Voltaire's prayer really works against creationists!

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