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Quote (Jasper @ July 11 2008,21:32)
Walt Brown asserts that the Oort cloud does not exist.

He used to say the same thing about the Kuiper belt, until it was directly observed.

In that case, I assume he has some other explanation for long period comets coming from every direction?

It doesn't matter if there is a huge cloud of them or a handful. The very fact that long period comets exist disproves it. A single long period comet would disprove it.

Also, we know the Oort cloud exists. We simply don't really know how large it is. All long period comets come from that region of space. We've even spotted a few objects in the inner Oort cloud from earth - Sedna looks like it might be part of the inner Oort cloud. Either that or a very extended Scattered Disk - something else that shouldn't exist. Sedna is another one of those objects with an orbital period longer than your universe as well.

Sedna will reach periapsis in 2075 or so. That means its on the way in. If it was blasted out there, it had to go out and come back. The Universe according to Walt Brown hasn't existed for long enough for that to happen either.

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