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Quote (Nerull @ July 11 2008,06:09)
Also, a response to someone else: While complex slingshot trajectories are possible, since we are talking about thousands of asteroids blasted off in mostly random directions all ending up in roughly the same circular orbit in the asteroid belt - I don't really consider that in the scope of the simulation.

Another thing to keep in mind is my planets are most defiantly not rendered to scale. If they were they would be far smaller than a pixel. You think its hard to just lob a rock off and get near a planet in my sim - try it in reality.

Yes, I understand this. I actually wrote my own 3d, to-scale spaceflight sim some years ago.

My point was that orbital mechanics doesn't actually make it impossible, and your sim doesn't give you the precision to show how it could happen.  This is a nitpick for the sake of accuracy, not a real criticism. Your sim does give a good general feel for how orbits work, and makes the point that you can't simply fling an asteroid from earth to the belt.

Even with your sim, I was able to boost my asteriods perihelion outside the orbit of mars using multiple Jupiter encounters:

of course, it's hard to say how much of this is real, and how much is error due to big time steps.

In any case, Brown doesn't claim either multiple encounters or direct injection. What he does say is truly batshit:

Drag forces caused by water vapor and thrust forces produced by the radiometer effect concentrated asteroids in what is now the asteroid belt.

He even claims to have a simulation that demonstrates this!

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