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Quote (Doc Bill @ July 09 2008,21:50)
Why are all scientific papers based on common descent?  Because it was deemed "fact" early on, and everyone based their evolutionary scenarios on that ideology.  Like I said, if common design had been the basis for similiarities and differences between organisms, our charts would differ somewhat from what we see today, but there would be no reason for science to have suffered as observations and predictions would still be readily accessible under the design paradigm.

Total bullshit.  Bullshit, FtK, is making stuff up which you do all the time.  Who "deemed,"  hmmmmm?  Tell me, FtK, who, what agency, name a person, place or thing who "deemed" common descent a fact.

Name one.

This paragraph is totally Dumb Bunny Stupid.

Get some ice cream and watch some Lifetime TV which is about your level.


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