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Quote (Ftk @ June 20 2008,08:05)
I've never met a group of folks so blinded by their ideology.

Are you sure about that, Ftk?

What about the time you wandered into a discussion forum and wrote this?
I've been scanning through this thread and decided to add my 2 cents.

My kids have always loved dinosaurs and due to that fact, I started researching both the evolutionist view and the creation view of the subject. That lead to study of Christian apologetics which I had never heard of before I started looking into the dinosaur factor.

My opinion is that my kids should learn absolutely everything they can about evolution so that they are able to refute the claims made by evolutionists. I've been teaching them how creation scientists interpret the same data that evolutionists claim support an old earth, molecule to man, and other Darwinist claims.

By doing this, I hope that they will be able to better inform others about this information. Many people have no idea that there is a wealth of information on the internet about the subject of dinosaurs and a young earth.

Here is an excellent book that we started our kids out with. I highly recommend it. That way, your kids can get their fix of dinosaurs and you can rest assured that they are not being fed an evolutionary interpretation.

I am currently teaching a 7th & 8th grade class at my church where we cover these issues. We talk about creation and evolution, dinosaurs, biblical manuscript reliability, etc. I just feel like the kids need to clearly understand both sides of this debate, and the more education we can give them, the better.

If you want to understand where Ftk is really coming from, please read that entire thread and realize that these were people Ftk considered her fellow travelers in the evolution/creationism debate less than two years ago.

If the people here are "blinded" by their ideology, then those folks are locked in a persistent vegetative state by theirs.

(No offense to anyone in a persistent vegetative state.)

Edit: Added the URL for the "excellent book."

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